Monday, November 28, 2011

Fall 2011 Update Part 4 - Transformers

Here is another intro cinematic remake, this time delving into Transformers.  I originally wanted to try and recreate the transforming titles, but it went from there to doing the whole intro sequence.  I used a very simple technique to get the title to "Transform", most of the work went into the intro animation and "cutting" up the title to piece together fluidly.

Fall 2011 Update Part 3 - Just Add Water

Competition was big this year at the Land of Lincoln's 4th Annual 21 Film Project in Decatur Illinois, we upped the ante for our film, but unfortunately we didn't get any awards, though we were nominated for all but one of the categories.  It was still a great production, cheers to the Puzzle House Studios team!

Fall 2011 Update Part 2 - Green Lantern

I learned a lot re-creating the Tron Legacy intro, and while I may not be able to re-create the success of that video, I do want to learn more by trying to imitate or replicate (not copy!) animation sequences on my own, here is The Green Lantern animated intro sequence modeled after the same movie sequence.

Fall 2011 Update Part 1 - Tron Defiance

There may come a time in which Tron Defiance can be finished, but it's not anytime soon.  Character animation workflow is long and tiresome, and there are lots of other projects in the wind that need more attention than this. Instead I finished up the current scenes for Tron Defiance and put them in a tech video, so here is the first minutes and a half of Tron Defiance: