Saturday, March 31, 2012 - Tron Project Pack #2 - FREE

A few days ago, my YouTube site passed 200,000 total views! And about 3/4 of those views are on my Tron videos I decided to give away my last Tron project pack FREE!

Inside the ZIP file you will find 3 Cinema 4D 12 project files:

1. Tron - Disc (A simple model of a Tron Legacy disc that was used in my Tron Redemption animation)
2. Tron - Legacy Logo (Custom Tron logo that I created just after seeing the movie, I've used it in all my Tron videos that feature the Tron logo)
3. Tron - Lightcycle Animation (The entire animation that I created using my custom lightcycle models)

I hope people will enjoy this project pack and that it will hopefully provide some helpful techniques or insights to learn and help you out - Tron Project Pack #2

Friday, March 2, 2012

TRON Legacy Intro - Template DONATION

This is an updated version of my Tron Legacy intro remake which is now a downloadable template with all textures, models and project files included!

Click on this Donate button below to buy the template, once I receive notification of receipt via Paypal I will send you a Dropbox link to download the file.  Because of time differences and depending on how busy I am it might take me up to 24 hours to get the link out to you, so please bear with me.  Thanks!

Required Programs:
Cinema 4D 12
After Effects CS5
Trapcode Particular and Optical Flares (Only for editing the gridlines)

**This project requires at least basic knowledge of Cinema 4D and After Effects. A readme file is included to help you create this exact video. Leave a message here in this video if you have any questions or need help. The download link will be provided via Dropbox invite.**

For a small $3.00 donation you get all the project files, textures, and models seen in this video!

If you lack the programs necessary to use the project files, for a fee ($10) I can render out a custom video just for you! Just send me an email with your text requirements and $10 to my paypal account ( and I will render it out for you and send you the link to a high quality 720p file.

Also check us out on Facebook for behind the scenes stuff, rare project insights, or just to say hi!

Please keep in mind that due to Copyright issues, I cannot provide the Tron Soundtrack along with any of the templates or videos.