Friday, April 29, 2011

Gorgeous Knight - The Art of Emotional Content

Working with musical composer Malek Jandali, we have been working on creating the title intro for Gorgeous Knight with Origin Nile Films.

Instead of trying to tell a story or using complex animations like we had originally discussed a while ago, I created a simple stone wall with missing person's posters on it.  I combined it with a dark maroon motif, windy dust and particles, windy sounds, audio from missing person's reports, police chatter and lights reflecting on the wall, posters flailing in the wind, and a play on specific letters throughout the animation.

The "KNIGHT" part of the title was animated using a halogen bulb effect, the letters all flicker randomly for a moment before turning on.  I used this same animation to animate single letters in the rest of the cast and production crew.

Here are some samples of the progress, and with the beautiful music progress has been going great!

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