Thursday, June 23, 2011

Gorgeous Knight Almost Done

The VFX for Gorgeous Knight are finally finished! The film is going through the final touches as we speak, still no exact ETA when it will be shown, but it's all up to the editors and sound crew to make the final adjustments. A total of 7 FX shots and the title intro, here's a list of scenes that I worked on for the film, in no particular order.
  • Final death scene (stop motion)
  • Reunite scene (stop motion)
  • Escape scene, final shot (stop motion)
  • Where's Gorgeous? Locale zoom in/out animation (street to earth to street)
  • Opening Chase scene, Jeep fitted with missiles - CG
  • Opening Chase scene, missiles firing and destroying an suv.
  • Opening Chase scene, final shot with rubble, debris, smoke and fire (motion tracked)
  • Gorgeous Knight opening title sequence

As soon as the film can be viewed online I will post a link to the video as well as times for the vfx that I worked on.

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